Antoinette Michelle Reyes was born in Silver City, New Mexico. Her family has lived in New Mexico since at least the mid-1500s. Antoinette is very proud of her New Mexican heritage. She was raised in both Southern California and Southern New Mexico. She was born to two teenage parents. As the eldest of her siblings, Antoinette, at the age of 13, helped raise her younger siblings so that her mother could support their family. She is now a mother of two beautiful children, Azalea and Aidan. Antoinette understands the needs of families that live paycheck to paycheck.


Antoinette is committed to improving the lives of all residents. She is an NMSU alumna and often volunteers her time as a community activist. Antoinette wants to make sure that her children and all kids in the community grow up in a safe environment with opportunities. She dedicated her life to public service at an early age because of her desire to make a difference. At the age of 14, Antoinette would ride the bus to volunteer and to take classes at the community college in the next city over on the days that she was not caring for her baby sister. At the age of 16, Antoinette became an activist and would host documentary style watch parties, lobby for or against ballot propositions, participate in buycotts (supporting good companies) and boycotts (lobbying corporations to change their policies while minimizing money given to them).


Antoinette Reyes wrote and presented her first bill and economic analysis to City Council, nearly a decade ago, at the age of 17. She has pushed for change through non-violent direct action on numerous issue-oriented campaigns. At Antoinette's core is the heart of an activist that always has and always will fight for a better tomorrow. Ultimately, Antoinette’s passion has drawn her to teaching and working with non-profits. She has held various jobs working directly with children, the elderly, people with disabilities, recovering addicts, and animals. Antoinette majored in Anthropology, Sustainable Development, and Applied Economics. She is a former City of Las Cruces employee. Antoinette worked at the Museum of Nature and Science and in the Sustainability Office (where she helped garner a $10 million bond for green retrofits and solar installations). 


All of her life, Antoinette has taken care of her siblings, her elders, her family, and now she wants to take care of our community. Las Cruces needs a woman like Antoinette that will use her voice at the state or federal level to fight for our community by pressuring other elected officials to do the right thing. She believes that a society can be judged by the way it treats its most vulnerable populations. By supporting and investing in our community, we can create jobs, improve our public systems, protect the environment, and improve the general well-being of our residents. Let Antoinette be the voice to fight for you.

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  • MS in Applied Economics with a focus on the environment and natural resources. SNHU class of 2019.

  • BA in Anthropology and Sustainable Development. NMSU class of 2015.

Antoinette will make a difference, fight for the right of the people, and touch as many lives as she can for the better. Let's create an environment where people can have faith in a better tomorrow.

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