At Antoinette's core is the heart of an activist that always has and always will continue to fight for a better tomorrow. Antoinette wants to make sure that her children and all kids in the community grow up in a safe environment with opportunities. She is committed to improving the lives of all city residents and if elected, vows to regularly hold constituent meetings throughout the district.


Her priorities include  improving public safety (supporting first responders and advocating for criminal justice reform), improving public infrastructure (transit, roads, internet, and recreation), cutting wasteful spending, working towards a more sustainable City (water and energy efficiency), more partnerships (NMSU, LCPS, community agencies), lifting up our community (addressing poverty, food insecurity, and expanding the amount of bilingual materials), protecting the environment, and prioritizing economic development and ensuring small businesses thrive in Las Cruces.



Antoinette is committed to ensuring that our first responders from police officers, firefighters, and paramedics have access to top of the line equipment and training to include more training specific to working with people suffering from behavioral and mental health conditions. She supports community policing and would like to see the bike patrol program restarted in addition to expanding the "Coffee with a Cop" program to new locations. For the past 3 years, she has voluntarily met with several judges among others to discuss how Las Cruces can fund a specialty court administration that would oversee the existing drug court, restarting the teen court, opening a homeless court, and a new veteran court. This would allow the courts to have more rehabilitative tools at their disposal rather than being purely punitive.

She believes that it is extremely important the city is transparent in reporting incidents to the public in a timely manner whether it is local crime updates or updates for the influx of asylum seekers passing through LC. Antoinette supports decriminalizing the possession of small quantities of cannabis to a civil fine. This would allow our officers and the local court system to prioritize violent offenders. She is also committed to making sure the City expands its ADA compliant infrastructure as well as making sure city streets are safe for bicyclists and pedestrians.


Antoinette supports buy local campaigns and all efforts that will keep money in our local economy. She believes the City needs to support small businesses in our region and in our state. She would like to change the way the City makes purchases (the RFP process) by giving an advantage to Las Cruces businesses. Antoinette also believes that the services available to new businesses through the City's Economic Development department are not well advertised. She supports the creation of a "one-stop-shop" for businesses that would make it easier for businesses and developers to navigate within the city by filing all of their paperwork in one central location rather than having to go to multiple departments.

She also believes the City can play a crucial role in uniting the community through local partnerships that not only help our economy but improve our health. She advocates for more partnerships with NMSU, LCPS, and community agencies. Antoinette believes the City needs to better manage how we are using our resources to effectively invest in the community and better serve residents in a transparent and fiscally responsible way. She believes that we must invest in public infrastructure (roads, recreation facilities, city buildings, transit, internet, and affordable housing) as well as incentivizing and encouraging increased access to locally grown produce for our residents and local restaurants. We must grow our economy in a way that addresses poverty and food insecurity. Lastly, Antoinette firmly believes that it is important that the City keeps spending in check while also diversifying revenue sources.


While an employee of the City's Sustainability Office, Antoinette helped garner a $10 million bond and $3 million was invested in solar installations and green retrofits. Over the next decade, this investment is expected to produce over $18 million in energy savings. If the City would have invested the full $10 million (to include larger upgrades such as HVAC units) it would have yielded $80 million in energy savings over that same period. Antoinette supports updating existing buildings, improving energy efficiency, xeriscaping, and cutting waste. The cost of renewable technology is going down every year while electricity rates increase annually (average of 6% increase per year). Antoinette believes it is the City's responsibility to residents to continue intervening in rate cases with El Paso Electric to make sure that electricity rates are not increasing artificially. In addition, Antoinette believes the City can play a crucial role in making solar more accessible for private property owners through the passage of the PACE program. She is also committed to monitoring utility prices to ensure that the City is charging fair rates for water, gas, and trash services by upgrading our infrastructure to include smart metering and alternative funding for utility maintenance. She understands how much of an impact fees can have on ratepayers that live on a fixed income or live paycheck to paycheck.


Antoinette believes we need to take proactive steps to attract more providers to our region as well as expanding public transportation. The City must form partnerships to improve access to quality mental health and behavioral health services in addition to drug rehabilitation programs. Antoinette will also work to ensure the Telshor Fund (also known as the LiveWell Initiative related to the leasing of Memorial Hospital) is properly used to address the health needs of the City while also making sure that the Fund is not depleted.

She believes more needs to be done to lower the "urban heat island" effect felt throughout our community by adding shade structures to playgrounds and bus stops. She also supports removing non-native, invasive plant species and planting low-lying native plants for pollinators and low-water edible plants along our roadways and in our community. This would improve our native soils, help replenish our precious groundwater, and it'd support our local plant nurseries. This move would also lessen the effects of soil erosion and airborne dust, thereby improving our air quality.


Antoinette is committed to working on affordable housing and developing our economy to reduce poverty and food insecurity in our community. She believes in fostering more partnerships and uniting the community in the most sustainable way (e.g. NMSU, LCPS, and community agencies, local farmers and restaurants or local markets).


Through Antoinette's experience as an educator, she firmly believes that education and self-esteem are directly linked. We need to make sure that our students have access to technology and books outside of school; we also need to invest in resources for our students with disabilities. She believes that education is more than just academics. The tools our youth gain not only impact how they will contribute to society in the future but it also impacts the decisions they make today. Academics extend beyond the classroom and should prepare students for life after graduation. We must empower our youth through affordable, constructive recreation programs year round as well as having trade or certificate programs readily available. She also supports adding shade structures to playgrounds as well as creating two more splash pads in different parts of the City.


Antoinette will encourage the City to partner with our local schools where possible, to include continuing to hire NMSU students for internships. She also believes that it is vital that the City improves our public infrastructure to include improved internet access and improving transit by extending hours (currently no service on Sundays and limited hours on Saturday) in addition to adding shade structures and charging stations to bus stops.

Note: Antoinette gives away mixed books (pre-k to young adult and adult non-fiction) year-round. If you are interested in receiving books, contact Antoinette at 575-342-1727. If you would like to help us continue this program, please consider making a contribution.

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